EYHO: Today is the day!

Dean Sheremet News

Eat Your Heart Out is all about the food. I’m not “celebrity chef” and this isn’t one of those cookbooks. I am a cook, who strives to be better at that everyday. These are the tricks and techniques I learned in the fine dining world distilled down into a book of stunning pictures with recipes that are easy to follow and good for you.

So many cookbooks out there are way to “cheffy”. They have recipes and ingredient lists that read like a foreign language. This is not one of them.

I made this book accessible no matter what your level of experience may be. I break down the confusing steps in easy to follow step-by-step photo instruction. Inside are 150 of my favorite easy to follow recipes with ingredients that can be found almost anywhere. I want this book to get the edges worked, favorite recipes dog eared and become an everyday kitchen notebook that lives with you. Now go on and Eat Your Heart Out!