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This month has been a whirlwind. It started in New York, as we packed up our life and decided to make California our home base. A cross country move always has its challenges, but throw in a newborn and it takes everything to the next level. 

While I was busy wrapping out my last few jobs before the move, Vanessa was busy on the packing front. We did our best to tag-team baby A so that we could both get a little rest and more importantly a little sanity, which is hard to come by with an 8-week-old. 

We were both starting to feel a bit run down, and If it weren’t for our routines we’d set for ourselves would have probably cracked. Shout out to all the new parents out there (especially the mommy’s who are the super heroes of the earth). We packed on a Monday, movers came on Tuesday and I had the brilliant idea to schedule us on a Wednesday morning cross-country flight. It was also my genius idea to take Atlas to the pediatrician to get his first round of shots that week, not anticipating that he’d be sore post visit. The night before the flight was filled with boxes, anxiety and tears. It wasn’t Atlas who was crying, it was us.

I feel most alive in the morning; my lovely better half does not share this same enthusiasm. I’m that annoying person who shoots out of bed and runs head first toward the day. This morning was no exception. I had everybody ready and loaded and we all made it to JFK with plenty of time to spare, ready to embark on the next chapter. I grabbed us the healthiest breakfast I could find, which is not without its challenges in a mostly closed early morning airport. Coffee, a must. Whole wheat everything bagel with cream cheese, not perfect but I washed back my Alive! Once Daily Ultra Potency Men’s multivitamins to make sure my nutritional bases we’re covered. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Before I dusted off my shoulders with gleeful pride I realized that Atlas had barfed on one of them. He keeps me honest, that is for sure. 

The flight was smoother than I could have ever expected, Atlas and V slept and I prepped and read scripts and notes for a new show that I was shooting the next day. The new phase of our lives was finally here. 

We are hitting our stride as a new family and now we are a well-oiled machine. V handles the nighttime feeds and I handle the early morning shifts. During the days we try to balance work, self care and try to be the best parents we can possibly be.

To keep up with the demands of being an energized dad, healthy husband and athlete I’ve added Nature’s Way Alive! Men’s Ultra Potency to my breakfast regimen. That way I can make sure I’m operating at peak performance for whatever comes my way. I’m far from perfect, but that was never the goal. I just want to be better than yesterday. Also, My little partner in crime has proven to be a trusty collaborator as I write recipes and journal my early morning thoughts. Together we own the morning.