Matcha Green Tea Waffles with Japanese Fried Chicken

These beautiful little green-hued wa es are loaded with antioxidants and pack quite the ca eine kick. They are a natural pairing with the Japanese Fried Chicken.

Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce

This is my version of a vegetarian steak night. I love taking large cuts of vegetables and cooking them with meat-type preparations and big robust avors. The Romesco freezes well and makes a meal out of any vegetable or meat in a ash.

Cocoa and Coffee-Encrusted Rib Eye Steak

The moment you realize that you don’t have to go out and shell out a small fortune for an amazing steak dinner is one of the most liberating feelings on earth. Not only do you have a bunch of extra cash in your pocket, you get to show o your fancy new steak-making skills to all your friends.

NOLA Iced Coffee

If you’ve ever tried to get your ca eine buzz on in the Deep South in
the height of a sweltering summer, than you know all too well the importance of a nice strong iced co ee. Go easy your rst time, as the concentrate
can pack quite a punch for those sensitive to ca eine.

Cheater Doughnuts with Lavender Glaze

Freshly frying up a batch of these doughnuts is one of my absolute favorite ways to spoil my guests. Without all the kneading, waiting, rolling, and so on, this is an easy treat for a host to put together at the last minute, and also makes a great group activity—it won’t be hard to nd recruits to get in on the punching, frying, and glazing action.